trem-, trems-

    trem-, trems-
    English meaning: to thump; to tremble
    Deutsche Übersetzung: “trippeln, trampeln” and “zittern”
    Note: (contaminated with tres-); the same Doppelbed. by trep-.
    Material: Gk. τρέμω “tremble” (= Lat. tremō, Alb. trem); ἀτρέμας, ἀτρέμα “unbeweglich, peaceful “, ἀτρεμής “fearless”, τρόμος m. “das Zittern”, τρομέω “tremble”, τρομερός “timorous”, redupl. τετρεμαίνω ‘schaudere” (unclear ταρμύσσω “frighten”); Alb.Tosk trëmp, Gheg trem “I terrify”; maybe Alb. trim “brave, not scared”
    Note: Common Alb. m > mp, mb phonetic mutatIon. Lat. tremō, -ere “tremble”, tremor “das Zittern”, tremulus “zitternd”, Umbr. tremitu “tremefacito”; Goth. Þramstei “ locust, grasshopper (IE *trems-, as in O.C.S. tręsǫ amalgamation from trem- and tres-); O.S. thrimman st. V. “to bloat, bulge, swell” or “bekũmmert become”; O.Ice. Þramma “trample, heavy go”, M.L.G. drammen “rant, roister, violent urge, press, push”, dram “din, fuss, noise, crowdedness, Getũmmel” (: Ltv. tremt); -mm- intensive gemination? Lith. trìmti “erzittern”, trémti “niederstoßen; verbannen, austreiben”, sutramìnti “leiseanstoßen”, Ltv. tremt “wegjagen”, tramš ‘schreckhaft (from horses)”, tramîgs ‘shy, bashful”, tram̃dît “frighten, hunt, chase”; Clr. tremčú , tremttty “tremble, quiver”; O.C.S. tręsǫ, tręsti ‘shake, upset”, sę “tremble”, trǫsь “σεισμός” (Slav. *trems-, *troms-, see above); Toch. A träm- “in rage, fury geraten”, В tremi “rage, fury”.
    References: WP. I 758, WH. II 701, Trautmann 329 f., Vasmer 3, 144, 146 f.
    See also: compare ter-1” wriggle “, worfrom *trem- and *tres- extended are.

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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